Increase Your Prospects with Inside Sales Training

Increase Your Prospects with Inside Sales Training

'Sell wherever you find a customer.' This is the established, unwritten convention of sales that has always inspired business enterprise to go beyond their territory and explore the untapped customer markets. However, dwelling in a world that is driven on Web 2.0, and smart technology, sales in the business realms is still generally perceived as a phenomenon involving a dapper executive, holding a brief case and heading out in the field on a meeting spree with prospective client and leads.

The stereotype is so strong that most, business organizations formulate their sales strategies that are primarily inclined towards outbound sales. Such strategies clearly fail to realize that in the world that is more efficiently connected through WLAN, 5G and smart technology than physical mediums, relying solely on field-oriented sales strategies is the prime reason why businesses fail to achieve their revenue goals.

When you can approach your global customer populations online, from the convenience of your premises, restricting yourself to outbound sales is nothing but a fatal delusion or homicide. Hence, the only smart solution is to armor your sales force with the principle techniques of sales 2.0.

Sales 2.0 – The Digital Facet of Contemporary Sales

Sales 2.0, virtual sales, inbound sale, or cloud sales is the digital and the modern face of sales that is performed at the convenience of a desktop, smartphone or tablet and provides the businesses with an immense opportunity to extend their domain of approach to global consumer markets.

Inside sales is a phenomenon that is often perceived as being limited to cold calling or telemarketing. In the realistic and truest sense of the term, the inside sales or is the professional sales performed through the digital mediums in consumer segments present in the cyber sphere.

Excellence in Digital Sales and the Need for Inside Sales Training

Executing the inside sales on the same grounds as the outbound is just like running your ATL and BTL activities on a similar strategy. The analogy would make more sense if you envision outbound sales in a broader scope than mere telemarketing or generating leads through emails.

Inside sales has stood the test of efficacy for B2B, B2C, SaaS and tech industry and has emerged as an effective sales model for various business markets and industries.

Just like the outboard sales, the inside sales too is bound with the core objective of generating leads and bringing in revenue. However, with different functional paradigms and virtual mediums of engagement, there is a crucial need to train your sales force and educate them on the mandatory standards, etiquettes and core principles of inside sales.

· Training your Sales Force on Impressive Communication Skills - If you sound like a recorded tape on the phone call with your lead, do not be surprised if you end up disconnected from the other end of the line.

· Instilling Life in Virtual Interactions - Your interpersonal skills can literally make or break your rapport building efforts. Train your staff to establish a lively and interactive interaction.

· Influencing Customer Attitudes and Actions - Inside Sales is not just about getting your message conveyed. Your prime motive should be to turn the tide from a professional conversation to a formal virtual setting of sharing ideas and feedbacks.

· Ruling Your Domain through Efficient Engagement and Sales Service - Innovate your inside selling approach through new offers, virtual presentation, value selling, identifying potentially rewarding areas and creating an impactful customer experience.

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