Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Increase Your Revenue with Inside Sales Training

Increase Your Revenue with Inside Sales Training
'Sell wherever you find a customer.' This is the established, unwritten convention of sales that has always inspired sales teams to explore untapped customer markets. However, dwelling in a world that is driven on Web 2.0, and smart technology, B2B sales is still generally perceived as an art involving a dapper executive, holding a briefcase and heading out in the field on a meeting spree with prospective clients.

The stereotype is so strong that most businesses formulate their sales strategies primarily focused on outbound field-sales. Such sales strategies fail to realize that the times have changed.  Not only are inside sales reps cheaper and easier to find, but more and more business is being done online than ever before.

When you can approach your target customers online, it does not make sense to restrict yourself to outbound sales. Smart sales leaders equip their sales force with the principles and techniques of sales 2.0.

Sales 2.0 – The Digital Aspect of Contemporary Sales

Sales 2.0, virtual sales, inbound sale, or cloud-based sales is the digital and the modern face of sales that is performed at the convenience of a desktop, smartphone or tablet and provides businesses with an immense opportunity to extend their sales reach.

Inside sales is a phenomenon that is often perceived as being limited to cold calling or telemarketing. In the truest sense of the term, inside sales is performed through the digital mediums.

Excellence in Digital Sales and the Need for Inside Sales Training

Because inside sales are different than outside sales, it must be treated differently.
Just like outbound sales, the purpose of the inside sales team is to generate leads and create new revenue. However, with different buying processes and mediums of engagement, it is crucial to train your sales force and educate them on the key skills, behaviors, attitudes, approaches and principles of inside sales.

Here are 4 key areas to consider
§ Training your sales force on effective communication skills - If you sound like a recorded tape, it will be difficult to truly make a difference.  If your inside sales reps cannot effectively listen, understand and convey your value proposition without reading from a script, do not be surprised if your prospects look elsewhere.

§ Instilling Life in Virtual Interactions - Your interpersonal skills can literally make or break your rapport building efforts. Train your staff to quickly establish a lively and authentic relationship.

§ Influencing Customer Attitudes and Actions - Inside Sales is not just about getting your message conveyed. Your prime motive should be to understanding how to best help your client to succeed.

§ Ruling Your Domain through efficient engagement and sales service - Innovate your inside selling approach through new offers, virtual presentations, value selling approaches and innovative ways to create an impactful customer experience.

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